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Welcome To KPCA

This association is organized for KP families, their relatives   and friends to provide them a platform for cultural, educational and religious programs.The mission is to cultivate the spirit of self-respect and ethical values among  the community by maintaining higher standards of morals in our daily life. This  requires social gatherings, cultural programs, educational seminars and religious  practices by which following three objectives be served.     

  • To create communication links to people of all ages and needs, to express their views and matter of concerns.
  • To make the members aware that they have their identity and it is worth to maintain it while merging into the American main stream.
  • To establish resources for educational help to needy.


Picnic : 

August 29, (Sunday)  11:00 AM to Dusk

Merrill Park, Iseline, NJ, Grove # 1 (A,B,C)

Directions :


Looking forward to see you all at the meeting.
Harshad Patel