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Welcome To KPCA

This association is organized for KP families, their relatives and friends to provide them a platform for cultural, educational and religious programs. The mission is to cultivate the spirit of self-respect and ethical values among the community by maintaining higher standards of morals in our daily life. This requires social gatherings, cultural programs, educational seminars and religious practices by which following three objectives be served.

  • To create communication links to people of all ages and needs, to express their views and matter of concerns.
  • To make the members aware that they have their identity and it is worth to maintain it while merging into the American main stream.
  • To establish resources for educational help to needy.

There are many names attached to the evolutions of this association but Late Shri Pravin Somabhai Patel of Oldbridge New Jersey was the one of many to be credited to its birth. KPCA was established in 1986 as a non-profit organization in the state of New Jersey. The first draft of its constitution and by-laws was prepared in 1998. Since its early days, the association has been welcomed by most KP families residing in New York, New Jersey and neighboring states. Every year a spring festival, a summer picnic, some sport competitions, and over-night retreat and a Diwali program were organized successfully. All these programs have contributed towards increasing cohesiveness among members encourage education, music and dance talent as well as promote athletic spirit. During 1990 demands for a national convention were coming from members and their relatives. We have earned permanent tax-exempt status from IRS. With limited resources this association was able to host the first national KP-convention in 1991 of about 1500 delegates and proved that our social and spiritual affiliations are stronger than the material resources. That was the most wonderful experience of warm feelings of all the delegates. The second national KP-convention hosted by KP Samaj of Chicago was equally successful. And the nation knows about the success of third national KP-convention of year 2000 hosted by this organization in New Jersey.

A real demand of increasing inter communication was experienced before and after the conventions. KPCA had established a website before the third convention but it was not so popular at that time. Our website "" is not only for official business of the association, but it is intended to be multifunctional communication link to achieve various objectives of the association.